How to expel the guy

How to expel the guy

The situation when the love passes, meets often. But how to be if any time you lived together in the apartment belonging to you in a civil marriage, but after decided to leave, it does not leave in any way. You cannot physically expel him, but then it is necessary to find other way.


1. Ask it to free the apartment. If on your request no reaction followed, then it already characterizes the guy from the bad party and says about what you should not expect his conscience and male self-esteem. As a rule, such guy and during blossoming of your feelings behaved as the real gigolo, did not work, referring to constant difficulties. Therefore he, of course, does not want to come back to parents, at you it is better for him, especially, if he uses the physical superiority to remain in your territory.

2. Realize that voluntarily, at your request it will not leave, understand that now you have nothing to hesitate and act it is possible any available means. Address familiar men or relatives. If your brother or the husband of the girlfriend talks to it as a real man and will kick out, then take out all his things there and replace locks in the apartment. Legally it is your private property to which he has no right. Therefore all attempts to get into it will be regarded as violation of the law.

3. In case attempts after all are made, call the police and write the corresponding application. The police, of course, not really willingly are engaged in similar affairs and not always adopt such statement. Use bureaucratic method, it is the most effective. Send the application to the police addressed to the chief of the nearest office the registered mail. If necessary repeat such address several times. According to the law, have to respond to it.

4. If you do not receive the reply to your numerous addresses, write again, having noted what on numerous addresses did not follow reaction. Specify in the letter that you are going to send the complaint to inaction of police officers to prosecutor's office. As a rule, threat of the appeal to this supervisory authority – very effective means. Your applications will be considered, and measures to your ex-boyfriend – are accepted.

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