How to experience the death of the daughter

How to experience the death of the daughter

The daughter died … There took place a funeral, you remember nothing. Relatives and friends who support you gradually come back to the daily affairs. They have cares. And you do not understand how it is possible to live further?


1. You still grieve, execute yourself why could not help, ask only one question: "Why to live further?" Of course, to fill such loss with nothing, but time did not stop. It is necessary to find forces to continue to live to keep the memory of the daughter in heart. It is necessary to adapt to an emotional and social situation of this vital loss.

2. You do not save in yourself a tear. Do not listen to those who persuade you not to cry, keep, fasten. If you want to cry – cry. Tears is a reaction to your emotional pain. Have before people around no sense of guilt for your tears. You have the right to so express the feelings. After crying you will feel broken, devastated, but it will become easier for you. Slowly with tears the grief and feeling of powerlessness will leave.

3. You speak about the died daughter with relatives who support you. Tell them about the loneliness, about fears which you feel. You say aloud everything that you feel. Let your feelings take verbal shape. After you dress the pain in words and will state, share it, it will become less.

4. You go to church, order a doleful prayer – it you will take care of the soul which died.

5. It is not necessary to talk to died, physically it is not near you any more. Do not address occultism.

6. You can begin to keep a diary. Write about the thoughts, about Bol losses. Periodically re-read the records, you pay attention that your feelings change. Some became more sharply, some left. It will give the chance to reveal your strong and weaknesses.

7. Do not cultivate in yourself sense of guilt before died. You are not guilty of anything. So it happened. It is not necessary to destroy itself by such feeling.

8. Be patient. The grief will recede gradually, to come with a new force. It will be especially heavy on birthdays and the death of the daughter. Order a memorial service these days, give vent to memoirs, visit the cemetery.

9. Do not ignore requirement of an organism. Try to observe a habitual daily routine, give yourself full-time job, do not miss meals. Eat even if you do not want. The organism needs to be supported. Try to have a rest during sleep, to be disconnected from everything, to relax as much as possible.

10. Time passes. And the person is suited so that endures the most bitter losses. Over time you will see that those emotions which, appear, did not allow to breathe pass into the background, new come to their change. The feeling of loss did not pass, just acute pain was replaced by grief, sad memoirs. And through time these memoirs will become light. So you will endure the most difficult period.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team