How to experience the death of the person?

How to experience the death of the person?

All of us, of course, understand mind that the human body is transitory, and sooner or later we will die, but as we take hard for acquaintances and the family who left us, even those them who long was ill or was already very old. The death of the native person which happened suddenly when we remain in this life becomes even heavier without having finished a dispute, without having pronounced the words of love and apology which wanted to tell it and were not in time. The death of dear person can become the aching pain for the rest of life.


1. In the first days when the grief is especially strong, do not drink any medicines "to recover", temporary shutdown of clear consciousness is provided by the nature, allowing the person to avoid a bigger psychological trauma. If your participation in a funeral ceremony is necessary, then it will bring you out of temporary "stupor", funeral ceremonies are thought up for the remained, living people. These efforts help the person to gather and allow to mobilize physical forces to the aid of sincere suffering.

2. Often the person after death someone native, has a sense of guilt. It can appear even at the one who actually from any party it is not guilty, just death is connected with a negative therefore it is reflected in negative emotions. Analyze, perhaps, you are not guilty in anything to the left person and stop to execute yourself, aggravating spiritual wounds from his death.

3. If you the person the believer, then go to church, communicate to the father. He sees death quite often, maybe, he will find the words of a consolation and for you. Atheists should not become isolated too. Talk to the friend or the family, remember all good that connected you with the dead. Think of that, kind of he treated during lifetime that you so exhaust yourself.

4. A big moral consolation for some is continuation of in common begun affairs. What can be the best memory and a monument to the left friend, than completion of that business which he did not manage to finish?

5. Try to behave, not to break on relatives and friends who did not deserve the bad relation to themselves. Such internal control is also work on itself which will allow to gather and easier to transfer this irreplaceable loss.

6. If you cannot after sufficient time forget about the loss, then, maybe, there is a sense to address to psychological service or to the corresponding expert which will help you to return to normal life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team