How to experience the death of the son

How to experience the death of the son

Sometimes in our life there are tragedies. From it not to get to anywhere. All of us are mortal. But often pain delivers that the person dies suddenly. It would seem, you are young, strong, vigorous, and next day from all this there will be no trace left also. Only a cold body. And those memoirs in which the person is still alive...

It is required to you

  • Spirit fortress
  • Force
  • Support


1. The death of the loved one always bitter loss for each of us, but the death of the son is heavy doubly because you realize that lost a part of the life.

2. But having lost the son, each parent has to remember that life did not stop and it demands continuation. First of all it is necessary to distract from own misfortune and to decide on life priorities already having realized gratuitousness of loss. For this purpose distribute all things of the dead in social shelters, and for memory to relatives, having kept some from the most expensive to your heart of trifles. Arrive also with photos.

3. Switch the attention to grandsons, by it, as well as to you it is heavy. Do not forget also about other children as now they should live for two. A lot of consolation can be found also in occupations any business. Occupy yourself by on what earlier never got time or what hesitated to be engaged earlier in. But to abuse visits of church or sharply you should not go to other religion, it can terminate is very deplorable. In certain cases, when you feel in yourself forces, take on education of the child from orphanage. Then in your house there will come the holiday both for you and again for that little man to whom you will be able to give the not dissipated love which will be for you a further support further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team