How to experience unfortunate love

How to experience unfortunate love

In life of each person there are meetings and partings, mutual feelings and unfortunate love. Pleasures of love are accepted by people as due. With difficulties in the relations and undivided feelings many do not know what to do. Easier to experience unfortunate love, it is necessary to look at a situation from other parties.


1. Put the fat end to the unfortunate relations. The end is the end, it is necessary to make the decision of the elect and to reconcile to it. Many people cling to the former darlings long time: months and even years. It spoils their life and life of those people which they cannot forget.

2. You do not hold the person near yourself. If he had no feelings, communication with it will not cause in you any other emotions, except bitterness and offense any more. You appreciate yourself as the personality. Be not humiliated before the former darling, threatening with any given actions in his party. It is low and unworthy.

3. Accept the choice of darling. Each person has the right to come to lives as prompts heart. If the former elect made the decision to abandon you, he will make it. The best exit in your situation - to endure the difficult period when it seems that life is over and simplification will not be.

4. Do not adjust yourself on the fact that you are waited by the sad future that you will not be able to find the person best of all and more beautifully, than the former darling. It is deeply wrong position. The person who left you seems to you such ideal because you keep its high qualities in memory.

5. Remember all shortcomings of the partner. Each person has them. Perhaps, something extremely irritated you in darling. It is possible even to write out all pluses of your parting on a leaflet and to re-read them during the first time after break in relations.

6. Use auto-suggestion. If the depression after parting drags on, then it is possible to ask for the help the psychologist or to try to adjust itself on a positive independently. Repeat during the day about yourself as often as possible the following phrases: - I am happy and happy with life; - in my life there is only what changes it to the best; - I am strong, and to me no problems are terrible; - I attract to myself love and happiness.

7. Do not become reserved. Continue to lead full life, communicate with friends, be in the center of events. It will distract you from sad thoughts and will force to move forward.

8. Perceive unfortunate love as test for durability thanks to which you will become stronger and is more hardy. The left feelings make room for new, perhaps, brighter, beautiful and long.

9. Keep self-respect. If you have to meet, in accordance with the circumstances, often the former darling, do not show him that to you it is bad, and you suffer without him. It will only flatter the person, and will not reduce your sufferings.

10. You love yourself and endure parting adequately. Having refused old feelings, you will soon meet new love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team