How to expiate treason

How to expiate treason

Unfaithfulness quite often involves partings. However, if your darling forgave you a similar act, it is necessary to make every effort to wash away guilt. It is impossible to think at all that if you achieved forgiveness, then on it your efforts are ended. Ahead there is a lot more work.


1. Ask forgiveness for the act. And surely honestly explain why you so deceived trust of the partner. It is very important to regret and show it to darling sincerely. Show that you as much regret that you changed how many deceived experiences offense. Let's express. Let better your partner will make row, will introduce the ideas, than it will be saved inside and once will be splashed out outside.

2. Try to lift a self-assessment of darling. Keep in mind that your treason is perceived by the partner as the fact that you compared him to someone and the choice appeared not in its advantage. Therefore right now you have to inspire in darling that he the best in the world, beautiful, interesting and mysterious. Especially it essentially for women. Admire, give more compliments. Only do it sincerely. If you try to keep the relations - darling means to you really special. Therefore do not forget to remind him of it more often.

3. Regain the trust in your relations. Without it hardly that that will turn out. Only do not think that to make it as simply as was to lose it. Still quite long period your partner will wait from you for a dirty trick and treachery. Minimize the communication with an opposite sex. Try to be completely open with darling. Even in trifles behave honestly and conceal nothing. Do not hide phone, do not close the mail before the partner's nose. Do not give even the slightest reason for suspicions. And more often promise that that and keep the word. It will convince darling that you always tell the truth.

4. Show the love. You are not lazy to present a gift or to make a pleasant surprise. Bring new breath in your love. Fresh emotions will gradually replace resentment and your relations will begin to be improved. But be ready that this offense will be remembered to you for a long time. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult to forget treachery, than to forgive it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team