How to explain to parents that she is pregnant

How to explain to parents that she is pregnant

Teenagers have all emotions too much: if love, then it seems that forever therefore are given to this love entirely. Sometimes the teenage love yields unexpected result – pregnancy. And here then there is a fear: how to explain to parents that she is pregnant? We understand a situation.

How to understand that it is pregnancy

First of all, it is worth understanding: whether really there is pregnancy or not. It is possible to speak about existence of pregnancy if there was an unprotected sexual intercourse (without condom or other contraceptives), there is a delay of periods and not less than 3 tests showed positive result.

 It is possible to buy tests in any drugstore, without hesitating - there the passport do not ask. It is desirable to do tests for morning urine though there are some tests which show exact result regardless of time of collecting material.

How to tell parents and the guy about pregnancy

You should not delay recognition. But also it is not necessary to throw out information immediately. Better to say about it at first to mother, in the lonely weakened situation. To confess, cry if it is necessary and to ask supports. Of course, shock and explosion of emotions will be the first reaction – it is not necessary to be afraid of it.

Attention: if there is an acute pain in the bottom of a stomach or bleeding of not clear etiology (unlike usual periods, with plentiful clots), immediately take by an arm of the adult and see a doctor! You will understand later who is guilty and what to do.

With the guy the situation is more difficult. At young men testosterone reads off scale, many simply cannot realize responsibility fully. It is good if the guy agrees to become a father. If in response to your recognition reproaches and charges are heard – well, it is the choice of the guy, and you should accept it, it was not kind of sick. Be tougher – both so if the guy cannot give moral support, at least let will provide financial aid are always guilty of unplanned pregnancy (even if itself it is still young for earnings, there are also his parents too).

The most important in this situation - health of future mummy, early pregnancy, as well as early abortion are fraught with difficult consequences up to abortions and infertility. Despite early age, it is necessary to remember that the pregnant woman is responsible for the child. Nobody has the right to induce to do abortion – even parents. And if you made the decision to give birth - hold the ground up to the end.

Happens so that parents refuse the daughter, having learned about her pregnancy. It is a rash act about which over time they can regret. Therefore if dear people refused support, it is necessary to look for other options of the help: other relatives, guy's parents, etc.

There is a set of the crisis centers for the help to juvenile pregnant women. You should not worry also about study. Many young mothers after the delivery anew graduate from school and study then in absentia in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. In time be registered in clinic for women, follow instructions of doctors and be afraid of nothing.

No difficulties in life will be compared to the first smile of the kid and other pleasures of motherhood! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team