How to explain to the guy that he is not necessary to me

How to explain to the guy that he is not necessary to me

It seems that your relations reached a deadlock. You ceased to admire the elect's feats. And even what most of all in him attracted earlier very much irritates you now. Its gifts and compliments seem silly and ridiculous. You will not call such relations inspiring and desired in any way. Therefore came it is time to leave the guy. But how to explain to him that to your relations the end came?


1. Adjust yourself on the fact that the made decision on parting - irrevocable and final.

2. Call the guy and tell that you need to talk to him. But you do not speak at all about the intention to leave by phone or by means of the SMS, so you cause it severe mental anguish. Besides, he all the same will want to speak, will pursue you, than will cause irritation. In that case probability that business will end with scandal, is very high.

3. Having met the guy, talk to him frankly. And in a valid manner explain with quiet tone to the young man that you noticed that "the love spark" to it in heart does not flare for a long time. Tell it that you consider parting the best exit from current situation.

4. Of course, the young man will ask questions, in particular about the reason, besides fading of feelings. Be ready to it, depending on character of your guy, it can provoke to frank answers and even a quarrel. As it is better to disperse peacefully, keep calm.

5. Die the boyfriend sharply! Temporarily change the way of life: replace the phone number, do not visit night clubs in which you together spent earlier time. In a word, temporarily change style life. It will allow to be forgotten as soon as possible and to the guy whom you left, and personally to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team