How to explain to the man that I want to be with him

How to explain to the man that I want to be with him

Often the relations between the man and the woman do not go further mutual sympathy because of mutual uncertainty – you cannot decide to open the heart, and the partner just does not see reciprocal interest. Show to the man the true feelings, and it will allow you to approach.


1. Use eyes and lips. Nonverbal communication can tell a lot of things to the person therefore you watch the mimicry. Your look has to express interest, the smile has to be mysterious and open. Any woman is able "to make eyes" and to disclose to the man the interest, these skills will be useful as it is impossible by the way.

2. Try to touch more often his hands, hair, a body. Do it kind of accidentally – correct a tie, remove a disobedient lock from a forehead, slightly touch a sleeve, etc. You by all means will draw with such innocent movements attention of the man, but will not give a reason to reproach you with importunity or bad manners.

3. Try to remain more often with it alone. If you meet in one company, then use any chance to remain with it alone – be late, show an initiative, you go together to the cinema, cafe, etc. All offers which are supported by it have to support and you – over time he by all means will pay attention to your community of interests.

4. Do not afford even fleeting flirtation with other men at its presence. The diffident man can recede if notices the applicant for your hand. At the same time it is unimportant whether he will surpass him in external and personal characteristics – the man will mentally transfer you to the category of "busy" objects and will switch to another.

5. Show a small affection. Let your gift for New year, a birthday or on February 14 will be symbolical, noncommittal, but romantic – a lovely card, the ticket for two for a concert, a disk with favourite music, etc.

6. Show to the man as it is pleasant to you to receive from him courtesies. Always you thank for the rendered service or the help, do not leave without answer even small courtesies – everything begins with trifles. The man has to understand that you allocate him from the mass of admirers, friends and colleagues – smile to him as nobody has more.

7. You pay it tender words and compliments. The man are susceptible to flattery therefore you praise him as often as possible, enthusiastically speak of his progress and achievements, always emphasize how you respect and you appreciate such people.

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