How to express love for the man

How to express love for the man

If you really love the man, and want him to feel it, you need to follow several simple rules, and your relations will be long and romantic.


1. You praise the elect, it is necessary in order that the man felt that you appreciate him.

2. Before the man comes back home, be engaged in the appearance, correct a hairstyle, refresh the person, he will notice it and will understand that you made it especially for it.

3. Sincerely be interested in hobbies of your beloved. Find time to learn about a subject of his hobby a little more (it is possible to use the Internet or to read the corresponding literature) and, as required, you will be able pleasantly to surprise him with the skill.

4. Trust your elect. The man needs to feel that you believe in his talent, force, mind. Try to accept readily what he offers.

5. Write down wishes of your husband, he surely will notice it and with the same attentiveness will treat also your requests.

6. Make the calendar of your memorable events and give to your man. Strangely enough, in the male head a huge number of the exact information concerning measurements, distances, etc. keeps, but here important dates somehow are not remembered. Thanks to such calendar, it will not forget any important date, and will feel much more surely.

7. Support the man if he got into a difficult situation, as a rule, a strong half does not like to admit the weaknesses or failures, you have to tactfully, but is persistent, to show him that he is not lonely, and you are glad to support him at any time. He will appreciate it.

8. Motivate the man to act, but it is necessary to do it gradually, it is almost not noticeable.

9. The mind of the man is arranged a little differently, than at the woman, they take everything literally if you plan that the man made for you something certain, accurately formulate the request. He just will not understand the wishes veiled by romantic hints.

10. Even in household trifles, create conditions when the husband sees that you need him – it will give him feeling of confidence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team