How to express the feelings to the girl

How to express the feelings to the girl

She enters the room, and heart fades. Indeed is a love! However instead of filling life with joy and to inspire on feats, this fine feeling torments until you learn whether it is mutual. It is necessary to get up courage and to tell about all to the girl who captivated your heart. Also there are at least four approaches, to this delicate recognition.


1. Option 1 — bribing iskrennostyyupodoyt and directly to tell that the girl is pleasant to you and you would like to invite her at cinema / to a concert / in a zoo. There is nothing more attractive, than frankness. If you study together, sit down by it in the student's dining room or in library — but not on long, literally for 10 minutes. If you have the general company, at a party or someone's birthday before farewell tell that you are fascinated and would like to get under its charms still at least once.

2. Option 2 — the bouquet striking to a razmakhomprishlita to the sweetheart for work or in audience. Rise to it in a window on the fire cock. Go down with equipment of the industrial climber. Even the most modest girls appreciate public demonstration of feelings to them. So your feat. To Korea everything, it will be appreciated.

3. Option 3 — its number intriguing to a neizvestnostyyuuznayta also enter into a correspondence, but only to sense of proportion: afford decent compliments and only few times in day (otherwise your importunity will push away her). And after it will thaw before your epistolary charm, open incognito. Inscriptions chalk on asphalt under windows will be put to use too.

4. Option 4 — the inspiring doveriyenakonets, the longest and difficult, but also most reliable way to show the feelings is to become necessary. Help the girl with preparation for examination in driving, the OS installation on its computer, development of the program necessary for it. Or present the ticket for a concert of the performer which is pleasant to it when she late bethinks and all places will be bought up. She will be able to thank you when she comes to the auditorium, and on the next chair — you. Here so coincidence!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team