How to fall in love with the guy whom you meet

How to fall in love with the guy whom you meet

The relations between the guy and the girl begun not on love lead to internal crisis of one of partners. Inferiority of happiness forces to suffer. Often girls who begin to meet with "it seems quite good" the guy face it, and as a result guess whether it is possible "to order to heart".

Whether it is worth deceiving himself?

Before trying to fall in love violently with the guy, try to understand yourself. The main issue with which it is possible begin "heart-searching" has to sound approximately so: "Why I need it?" If you found the convincing answer, then, perhaps, the started "project" will work well. Otherwise it is desirable to refuse this idea.

In general, love is a spontaneous feeling, and there is it in itself at the first or second meetings. As for deep or as speak, true love, there has to pass time here. This time gives the chance to learn interior.

Its strong qualities

Each man has personal strong qualities. If you are rather attentive, then surely will notice them. Perhaps, in the guy you will find tranquility in a tomorrow as the deep feeling of responsibility will be its strong quality. Or, maybe, your ally is very romantic, so, you will definitely not be left without attention and courtings.

Try to analyze acts of your guy even if you absolutely cannot understand them and you it frightens off. Be interested why he in a specific situation arrived quite so, but not differently. Most likely, you will be captured by surprise when you learn what the motive of his behavior consists in. If this motive is non-standard, so your joint future will be beyond ordinary thinking too, and life of boring will not seem.

Common interests

What can bring together better, than common interests? It is possible to begin with the simplest - make the list of what is interesting to you. Then, of course, use this list for search of a common ground with the partner. For example, if you like to read and books really capture you, try to suggest the guy to read together. Read each other in turn, stopping and discussing those moments which to you seem especially interesting. Joint watching movies can replace reading. It is better to select movies in advance, but not to watch that the first will come to hand. For example, if you like works of the specific director and to you is what to discuss, then safely invite the guy to joint viewing. Thus, any interesting business can be adapted for an opportunity to know each other better: cookery, listening of music, photo and many other things. You remember, the main thing is a communication. Quite so you will be able to learn inner world of the partner.


In development of the relations the jealousy can give the most effective impetus. But not his jealousy of you, and on the contrary. This surprising way can help you to fall in love with your guy. Most likely, except you exists still girls who are interested in your man. If you find such girl, then be surprised how, watching her courtesies to your guy, you will begin to show interest in it. Also the jealousy can work if the guy tells you about the last relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team