How to fascinate the girl?

How to fascinate the girl?

The question how to fascinate the girl concerns many young people and mature men, women are unpredictable, and hardly someone from men can brag to that he knows what will be pleasant to their darling and what words will help to win her.

How to fascinate the girl on the first appointment?

The first appointment, is your chance to prove to be from the best party, to attract interest and desire to continue the relations. But, many guys I do not understand how to prove, too original places for a meeting can frighten the darling, expensive gifts look at this moment just not appropriate. But, an exit is, you should just understand how to fascinate the girl by words and in advance to be prepared for a conversation with it. To interest the darling, conform to the simple rules:

  1. In advance think up a subject for a conversation so that it turned out to mention several details (but no more than 3, otherwise, you will pass for the boaster) speaking about your progress. Perhaps, it will be the story about what to you was charged by the difficult project or receiving a new position. Girls are imposed by successful men, your progress, even small, to them will be rather interesting.
  2. Think over compliments, they should not be hackneyed and banal, but also too you should not try to be original. Conform to the simple rule – mark out one, at most two lines in appearance or image of the woman, it will help, both to fascinate the girl by SMS, and to force it to pay attention to you at communication online or personally. In messages or during the conversation, tell the woman that she, for example, unusual color has eyes and their color reminds you sea waves or turquoise. Such unusual comparison will play your advantage.
  3. Do not forget about rules of etiquette, nothing so pushes away the woman as roughness and inability to behave.
  4. You do not force an event, do not try to take the girl by hand during the conversation or to kiss her if are not sure that it is ready to such continuation of the relations. On an appointment it is more reasonable to conform to the rule: More haste less speed.

Now we will talk about whether it is possible to fascinate the girl on the second appointment if the first did not work well. If the first meeting ended with accident, but the woman did not refuse to communicate personally to you once again, you have chances. The consent the girl shows you the interest in the relations with you. Therefore, it is possible to correct still more than. The main thing, analyze the mistakes and think over as to avoid them, and then everything surely will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team