How to fight against addictions in family

How to fight against addictions in family

Addictions in family, do harm both to parents, and children. How to fight against addictions and to eradicate them?


1. At first family members need to realize a problem, many people scorning opinion about a healthy lifestyle make families and under influence of addictions all family gets. At children since early years the positive spirit to unhealthy addictions of parents is formed and becomes for them norm.

2. Spouses can plan all the life, purchase of the new apartment, rest abroad, can promise themselves, give up addictions when want to have children. But it happens so that the child can be born also unplanned. Present how many harm you will do to a fruit for the first month, for the present it will not become known of pregnancy approach. It is known that alcohol and nicotine reduces activity and quality of gametes, both at men, and at women. And when you decide to bring the child, at you just it will not turn out. As a result, unpleasant treatment, constant quarrels and charges of each other, mass of various problems which will negatively affect matrimonial relationship.

3. Think how you influence own children. They seek to imitate in everything to parents, and watching how the father or mother smoke, drink, will induce them to choose further these harmful occupations, instead of a healthy lifestyle. Set children a good example. Children should not see you drunk, or feel the sickening smell of cigarettes proceeding from parents. Children, have to become the main incentive in fight against addictions.

4. Therefore do not put off refusal of addictions. Begin fight against them already today. If other family member became addicted to addictions, try to convince him that it does harm as to itself(himself), and people around. It is possible to collect will power and to try to refuse independently the use of hazardous substances, the main thing, to set a goal and to have a strong incentive. It is possible to sign up for special treatment courses, to read literature on a subject, to watch video about harm to health. It is possible to ask for the help the expert. The main thing, act, you live not only for yourself now, you need to care for the relatives.

5. Since early years impart to children love for a healthy lifestyle. On real examples show as alcohol and nicotine can ruin the person, and healthy people are always successful and cheerful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team