How to fight against an old age smell

How to fight against an old age smell

Many faced the specific smell accompanying elderly people. It can be sharp, unpleasant if the elderly person neglects rules of personal hygiene. Or more or less neutral at the increased cleanliness, but well felt or recognized as "an old age smell".

Reasons of a specific smell of elderly people

With age the human body begins to function differently, the hormonal background changes, metabolic processes slow down, it becomes more difficult to watch purity of a body, and natural organic allocations gain more caustic and persistent smell.

If the hygiene regular – a smell can be weak, sour-luscious with a sweetish note. If the untidiness is added to age changes – the aroma can be heavy, oppressing. Usually "the senile smell" appears at the people who reached 70-75 years, and over the years amplifies.

  • One of sources of "a senile smell" - nonenal, allocated together with then. Substance is formed as a result of destruction of nonsaturated fatty acids.
  • Also the clothes which absorbed in itself drops of urine, sweat can be the cause of undesirable aroma.
  • Can smell from a mouth if there are diseases of teeth and gums, digestive tract problems, etc.

Looking after elderly people or living with them side by side, it is necessary to fight against "a senile smell". Especially not easy it is necessary if the elderly person lives one.

How to fight against a senile smell indoors

If the elderly person lives in own dwelling, the smell of an old age can impregnate housing, including personal belongings. Recommendations are simple, but demand time and forces.

  • Regular damp cleaning with the deodorizing effect for a while neutralizes undesirable aroma. It is possible to remove daily or once a week – everything depends on opportunities.
  • As converters of a smell use the lemon juice, deodorants for the house added to means water for mopping or ware with strong aroma, aromatic oils (lavender, pink, fir, etc.).
  • Bouquets of a dried wormwood, the burned bay or eucalyptus leaf give pleasant effect.
  • Timely washing considerably will reduce risk of emergence of a resistant "senile smell" in the house, the apartment or the room. It is better to sort clothes, separating used from washed. It is for this purpose reasonable to get in the bathroom a special basket for dirty linen and to watch that the old person by carelessness or absent-mindedness did not mix dirty linen with clean. 
  • It is necessary to look behind contents of wardrobes, without allowing hit of worn things in storage with clean things.
  • When washing if there are no contraindications (an allergy, asthma) – it is better to use the fragrant washing solutions.
  • When rinsing it is possible to use the special conditioners containing the deodorizing substances.

It is worth to rememberIt is worth to remember about such easy way to refresh the atmosphere in the house as regular airing. Only it is necessary to watch that there was no draft, elderly people are susceptible to drafts and are vulnerable.

Personal hygiene of elderly 

Only old men know of what efforts each lived day is worth them. After 70 years when the physical cover wears out, becomes more and more more difficult to make not only careful hygienic procedures, but also natural human departures. Not always in old age it is possible to control a bladder and other bodies. Old men also quite often do not catch smells or their olfactory feelings are weak. It should be notedIt should be noted that in advanced years all these discomfortable moments very painfully affect human mentality. Therefore the help in respect for hygiene has to be correct and not offend self-esteem. It is not necessary to abuse, accuse or lecture the old person for what from him badly smells. It will change nothing, and the shame and offense at old men can become a destructive psychological trauma, long make the life miserable of them and to their relatives, and even to provoke serious psychological consequences – memory loss, leaving from the house, a nervous breakdown and other troubles.

Try that your ward had available such conditioning agents behind a body as:

  • fragrant soap (preferably liquid);
  • toothpaste and soft brush, deodorant for refreshing of an oral cavity,
  • the refreshing drops for rinsing of a mouth; 
  • necessary means for care for dentures;
  • nutritious fragrant hand cream, persons and bodies;
  • personal deodorant and/or toilet water, spirits, cologne;
  • the flavored wet towel wipes;
  • special means for intimate hygiene.

Bathing is better to carry out time in 7-10 days, but the intimate hygiene has to be observed daily. It is possible to change bed linen also time in 7-10 days if the old person is healthy and does not soil a sheet. Underwear is desirable to change at least, than every three daysevery three daysevery three daysevery three days.

Prevention of a senile smell

It is good when indoors where there is an elderly person, constantly there are pleasant aromatic sources: bouquet of fragrant flowers, special fragrances, fragrant candles, fragrant soap, etc. They will level "a senile smell" and to give pleasant emotions. More preferably not flower and sweet, but sour-bitter aroma – grassy, wood, citrus, tea. Such aromatic notes best of all mask and level unpleasant smells. Besides the usual washing medicines of household chemicals with the deodorizing effect, it is possible to resort to fumigating of rooms the flavored sticks (a sandal-wood tree, an incense, etc.), to burn on fire a dried peel of orange, tangerine, a lemon and also – bay leaf. Besides elimination of smells, these procedures negatively act on small insects if those are in the house. Besides, it well affects a cardiovascular system, saves from a headache, promotes inflow of energy and lightens the mood.

If the elderly person lives with you in one house or the apartment, try to air as often as possible the room in which he lives. It is the best of all to air early in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed. It will save from mustiness, will improve health, will help to cope with insomnia.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team