How to fight against manhandling

How to fight against manhandling

Beats, means loves – such proverb is known by many. And many in practice estimate its value. Domestic violence in Russia not a rarity. Here only families such cases not often go beyond. Statistically, 40% of the victims of house tyrants prefer to cry, be treated, but to be silent. Experts offer the instruction how to get rid of manhandling.

1. If you were tired to suffer a beating and do not want to shudder more when the husband comes back a domra, it is necessary to run, first of all, from the house. And to run, as soon as possible, without spending time for collecting things. Take documents, be enough children and run. Escape at parents, relatives, friends, anywhere.

2. Address to clinic. It is necessary to record a beating. Let they will remove everything that is on a body – to the slightest sinyachk and bruise. By results will issue you the reference which has to serve as the reason of opening of criminal case.

3. Get someone's support. It can be the brother, the father, the girlfriend's husband, the friend of the family (naturally, sympathizing you), the district police officer. With this person go home and quietly pack things necessary to you. In the presence of strangers the husband will definitely not dare to offend you.

4. File documents for a divorce. Arguments from a series that it will change, will improve and more so will not be, leave to grandmothers on a shop. Statistics is relentless: will be and will not change.

5. The matter can be not brought to court if there is no wish. But the gone too far man can always be intimidated the certificate of a beating which eloquently indicates his fault. If the man behaves provocatively and in any way cannot calm down, it is possible to bring the matter to court.

6. It is desirable to send the child somewhere for a while: to the grandfather with the grandmother, to the camp, to relatives at the sea. For it already a psychological trauma will be that parents get divorced. And the fact that the father beats mother, in general can cause an irreparable loss to gentle children's mentality.

7. Visit the psychologist. Even if you to yourself do not admit it, the spouse put you very severe psychological trauma. Further you can be afraid to begin other relations. So go at once, so far the wound fresh – will be simpler to deal with it than when it acquires a lump of memoirs, experiences and complexes.

8. Also you remember: in what occurred there is no your fault. Whatever the woman did, she does not deserve that she was beaten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team