How to fight the husband off the competitor

How to fight the husband off the competitor

Probably, at many women it happened in life so that having met the ideal half, they learned that the man has a lawful wife. But you do not wish to concede him to the competitor even if it is necessary to break family. Perhaps, with you your darling will gain true happiness. In that case it is possible to try to fight the spouse off other woman.


1. First of all, think: whether it is necessary to break family. Take an interest that is represented by the wife of your darling. Perhaps, she has children, and its half (your elect) very much loves her. If you after all want to be near darling, take the following advice.

2. Find out that the man thinks of tastes and preferences of the spouse. Learn what habits irritate him in the wife most of all. Having received similar data, show that you are deprived of such shortcomings. And it is possible to find out about the relevant information at the competitor if you communicate with it. Perhaps, you learn these data from her husband.

3. Try to be present constantly at his life, be in those companies where he often likes to be, address him on some questions, you ask to help with different trifles. However here too it is necessary to be circumspect as the stronger sex on the one hand likes to seem courageous and clever, and with another after all prefers sure and independent girls.

4. Make advances and flirt with it, but be not persuasive, otherwise you can be considered the vulgar woman. And the more so do not do it in the face of his spouse, your behavior can cause scandal. And it will hardly be pleasant to it. Of course, and after that it is possible to win the man, but unless to count only on one-time sex.

5. Let it know that you want to be with it, but you will not accept a role of the mistress. However you do not press on it. You behave surely and quietly. He will decide what to do. Though do not hope for anything if you know about his indifference to you.

6. At a meeting with darling you look it is well-groomed and it is beautiful. Perhaps, you will draw to yourself attention and some interest. Constantly change your clothes, experiment with a make-up and a hairstyle. Show it that you not only the good interlocutor, but also the attractive woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team