How to find a common language with friends

How to find a common language with friends

Why some people have many friends, and others practically do not have them? Because not any relations but only those which are based on sincerity, mutual respect, ability to come to the rescue at a difficult moment develop into friendly. To have many friends, it is necessary to be able to find a common language with people.


1. Be sincerely. The falseness and affectedness will not dispose to you people. Do not try to seem to friends better, than you are actually. At closer communication everything that you try to hide and embellish, will come up outside. The sincerity and naturalness attracts people.

2. Address new friends by name more often. By scientists it is proved that sounds of own name cause in the person positive emotions at the subconscious level.

3. Be polite. Do not deride the friend, especially at people. The kind humour can quicker help to find a common language with the person whereas caustic subsplittings and remarks can spoil even the most cordial friendly relations.

4. Do not envy friends. Envy - the black feeling corroding the person from within. Very often the envy arises irrespective of your will. Get rid of this feeling. To envy someone - it is senseless, especially - to friends. Each person has both take-off, and falling. If properly to think, then in your life there are many too great and joyful moments which can envy.

5. Show sincere interest in the friend's life, be interested in his problems, health of his relatives. So the person will know that he is expensive and interesting to you.

6. Be able to listen. When the person has problems, he needs to be uttered to the close friend. It is necessary to listen, without interrupting and without inserting the remarks. When the person spoke, can support him by warm words or the considered council.

7. A friend in need is a friend indeed, therefore in a difficult life situation you have to lend to the person, dear to you, a friendly shoulder. Do not deny assistance if be able to render it.

8. Show to the new acquaintance that you value friendship with it. It will be easy to find a common language if the potential friend sees that he is important for you.

9. Look for common interests with friends, you spend in their company more time. Then friendship will be firm, and the problem of communication will disappear by itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team