How to find a common language with the man

How to find a common language with the man

Of course, men and women – beings it is obvious from different planets, is told about it much. And yet, we interact every day and each hour, and women need to learn to find a common language with the man to build the harmonious relations in private and everyday life.


1. Be interested. Inquire in soccer, policy, news in the world, be interested popular in network and computer programs. Men respect and in secret admire women with whom to them is what to talk about. Knowledge at least of the famous football players and several rules of soccer will add to the lady several points in the opinion of men at once.

2. Divide their hobbies. Learn to appreciate beer, for example. Do not you love? Fall in love with extreme sports. You are afraid? Master a couple of computer programs. The general subjects will come together with the general hobbies, and men will become you, at least, friends.

3. You ask about the help. Despite the previous councils, the woman has to remain a woman. It is possible to know all hockey players, to watch boxing duels and to know all grades of beer, female features nobody cancelled. The small problem – with the computer or other equipment and also the small help with the house will become an extra reason for the address. It is pleasant to men to feel like defenders and saviors therefore the small service will not burden them and will even give pleasure. But do not go too far – too obvious or frequent requests will strain and can push away the man.

4. You are silent. Men appreciate women who are able to listen. How there was a wish to correct or tell about something special, be able to listen. It can be a conversation about work, hobbies or just philosophical reflections – it is important that the man will have an attentive listener who can tell about everything. Besides, men like to feel like the educators bearing light and to hvastnut knowledge in different areas. Once do not interrupt even if you know more or are competent. Then, over time you will understand. Listen with interest, gloss in eyes and you will be rewarded – at least the sympathy and respect will be provided.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team