How to find a reason for acquaintance

How to find a reason for acquaintance

In the modern world it is not so difficult to get new friends and beloved. Besides visits of cafe, restaurants, on exhibitions, faster and innovative ways of acquaintance appeared. On the specialized websites it is possible to find thousands of suitable people in the Internet. But for some reason those who are not able to get acquainted in usual circumstances are lost also on similar resources.


1. You speak not about yourself. The main problem of beginners in the sphere of acquaintance – obsession with the affairs and problems. It seems to much that the most interesting about what it is possible to talk to the potential friend, it they are. But such behavior can be perceived as impudence and egocentrism. And if there are no common interests, can cause irritation and boredom. For this reason it is better to speak about that person whom you meet. The attention to own person flatters much.

2. Study the interests of the person before a conversation with it. Acquaintances on the Internet dispose to correctly to begin a conversation. In questionnaires of potential brides or grooms their many hobbies are already specified, some stories from life are sometimes written. And photos can tell something about ways of spending vacation, favourite travel or about the preferred style in clothes. It is possible to ask them questions about these points, hardly they will be left without answer. If any hobbies coincide, it gives a big scope for creativity in the choice by that for a talk at all.

3. Avoid to discuss personal problems at the beginning of acquaintance. In our times is to many people not easy: credits, economic crises, problems with job search … Such difficulties are familiar to much. But to complain of life to the first comer – it is not delicate, it is sign of bad form. At best, the person can be frightened that you hint that he has to charge himself with a part of responsibility for your difficulties. And at worst it is possible to run into swindlers who will begin to propose to you the solution of problems for money. Alas, on dating sites there are a lot of people who sell stuff: from trainings prior to group travel and medical massage. If there is a confidential communication, over time it will be possible to pass also to difficult subjects. But to start dialogue is not the best option.

4. Train to begin a conversation with strangers in everyday life. The stronger you feel constraint, the more it is necessary to train. Just like that, without setting the purposes it is obligatory to get the phone number or appointment invitation. Some traditions inherent in some places of acquaintances can be appropriate. For example, at restaurant or bar it is possible to send drink to the pleasant person. This tradition is clear and familiar to all. In reply it is possible to get the phone number or the invitation for a table. In public transport quite normally will be to start talking about a way of the choice of a route. And in the museum there will be a sea that for discussions at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team