How to find a subject for a conversation with the guy

How to find a subject for a conversation with the guy

After a standard greeting and inquiry about affairs there can come the awkward pause. It is good if the guy himself begins dialogue and will offer a subject for a conversation. But even if it will not occur, the initiative can be taken in hand.


1. Everything that surrounds you – weather, birds, people, transport can become a subject for a conversation. Be not afraid to seem silly and naive – an easy remark on weather you relieve the tension, and your "nonsense" for certain will be forgotten soon. During the forced pauses the guy quite can feel the same confusion, as you.

2. Show interest in the identity of the interlocutor and his hobbies. Ask the guy, than he likes to be engaged to what music he likes to listen what books to read and what movies to watch. You can touch also upon a subject of sport. Be prepared for dialogue in advance to be able to answer counter same questions. It is possible to discuss already concrete books, the musical directions, groups, interesting movies, etc. further. Listen carefully to the guy, do not interrupt, ask the directing and specifying questions.

3. You do not hurry with frank questions – to find out whether it had already girls, you will be able and later. Do not climb to the person in soul, trying to learn at once what he dreams of: this very personal, the guy can just become puzzled of it. Try to choose neutral subjects, adhere to a distance which to you is comfortable.

4. Go to the cinema together with the guy, theater, on an exhibition. After the session you will be able to discuss what was seen. Be interested, first of all, in his opinion, and after it state the.

5. At communication with the guy address it by name. For certain it will be pleasant to it to hear the name from your lips. Especially if it is complemented with a flatter compliment.

6. Sometimes the conversation is also not necessary. For example, if you are already well familiar also at you a romantic appointment, it is possible just to keep silent, looking each other in eyes. Be not afraid of "sign language": take the guy by hand, kiss on a cheek, gently whisper nonsense on an ear. It will bring together and will liberate you. To speak about dreams in such situation already quite appropriate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team