How to find happiness in love

How to find happiness in love

The first phase of the relations most often is bright and rough, feelings flare, the passion boils! But over time emotions abate, and beloved begin to feel from a shortcoming. Quarrels, quarrels, misunderstanding - all this can accompany life of two people who for a long time together. Happiness in love comes over time, it needs to be built. To revive feelings, to find love behind mountains of a negative - here that is necessary in similar cases.


1. Believe in the future. Lowering hands, you allow the relations with darling to derail and do not control their further direction any more. Remember all happy moments with this person, the emotions which are once felt at only one look. Life and a habit change everything, put feelings upside down, and here you are already irritated, seeing it. Try to break through a negative cover and fall in love with the partner again. Feelings pass therefore they need to be warmed up. Add romanticism to your life, begin to walk in the evening, sit up in coffee shops late, having been fond of a talk. Small pleasures will give pleasure to both of you, and again you I will please the relations with time.

2. Become happy. Do not look for happiness in other person, it is only in you. Trying to extend happiness from another, you assimilate to a parasite who aims to use others gifts. Trust in the forces, reach harmony with yourself, enjoy life. Your spirit for life will instantly be reflected in the relations. The happy person is self-assured also the relatives, the relations will be left by jealousy and mistrust.

3. Make friends. Those couples which managed to build the temple of friendship shine happiness. This temple will accept everything - love and hatred, caress and rage, understanding and mistrust. Friendship in the loving people - guarantee of mutual understanding which holds on itself all cargo of the relations. Understanding allows to accept the person it what he is. Any fears, reproaches, - only kindness and tenderness. And all adversities will pass by itself, they will be overcome by friendship.

4. Be not obsessed with problems. Especially past problems. All make mistakes, stumble. But the few are able to endure it and to leave behind. If you feel problems in the relations at the moment, release a situation, do not scroll little significant trifles in the head. Sometimes, having attached too great value to something insignificant, we make fatal mistakes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team