How to find happiness without man

How to find happiness without man

In spite of the fact that now in the majority of the countries of the woman in everything have the equal rights with men, many often feel the inferiority if they have no partner in life. It can be connected with various facts, but result always one – the unfortunate and exhausted woman. How to avoid it?

Pressure of society

Unfortunately, the absence fact at the woman of the soulmate is always negatively perceived by society even if she made the decision to lead a similar life. Defiantly feel sorry for lonely ladies, offer the help in search of partners, disapprovingly discuss. All this does not promote finding of happiness and maintenance of self-confidence, it is rather on the contrary. Many women counter to the desires try to get the relations with men which are not pleasant to them at all. Quite often even marry them, forming one more family unfortunate in every respect which are enough worldwide. In case in a similar cell of society children appear, it is possible that they will have a crippled mentality and the unfortunate childhood.

Naturally, change of the operating paradigms in the society of rather this subject – a question very long will also be solved not soon, but it is extremely important not to give in to attacks and not to allow to criticize itself. Only having found independence of opinion of people around and having felt free, the woman will be able to become really happy. Otherwise persecutions and condemnations will pursue it until the end of life, doing harm to its mental state and mood.Do not allow people around to make decisions for you and to say to you as it is better to make. What is good for one person, can be bad for another. Do not give in on imaginary attempts of relatives to prove to you that they care first of all for you. People often show an amazing blindness in similar questions, imposing the opinion.

Full-fledged life without man

The most important that needs to learn to the lonely woman, it to feel the full value and to lead bright life. For many people the meaning of existence is not in finding the soulmate and to make family at all. And the majority is not even suspected about it, will not try to be engaged in any interesting and inspiring occupation yet. Often people think of the standard templates accepted in that or other environment. Instead of suffering in the long evenings, it is possible to register in a circle of rock-climbing and to conquer fine snow peaks, to begin to paint fine pictures, to learn to play masterly a violin or a piano. Perhaps, someone all life dreamed of a dog or other pet – it will be able perfectly to take your free time and to fill emptiness in soul.

The Internet offers the huge number of various clubs and circles now on interests in which it is possible to find the interlocutor sharing your outlooks on life. It is possible to sign up for various courses (cookeries, dressmaking, a bench modelizm).

Options to realize itself it is a lot of. If the woman wants to feel to somebody necessary, she can look after lonely elderly people from nursing home, the unfortunate teenager from orphanage.Do you love animals? In the country a huge number of shelters which desperately lacks kind and caring hands.

If to refer to opinions of experts, then psychologists of the whole world in case of absence of the soulmate persistently urge not to put an end to the life at all. It is necessary to derive pleasure from each lived day, having found itself work to liking.

Motherhood question

There is enough women who do not want the relations with men, but dream of children. Modern society gives them such chance. Beginning from adoption or adoption of the child from orphanage, finishing with artificial insemination with an opportunity to choose genetic material of the man with necessary qualities.The most important at acceptance of such step is to weigh everything pros and cons. Whatever you may say, often even together with the man it is heavy to bring up the child. But statistics speaks well for the fact that the women who are bringing up the child alone are very responsible and careful mothers.

 It is necessary to notice that if you made up the mind to this step, it is impossible to give in to pressure from outside at all and to allow foreign people to express the opinion concerning these events. Remember that your happiness only in your hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team