How to find personal happiness

How to find personal happiness

The universal answer to a question how to find personal happiness, no as a concept this very individual. What for one happiness, for another has no value. But people want to find the loved and native one for whom both heart, and soul will open in the majority!

1. Look for the happiness, do not expect that someone will bring you it on a silver platter. It is difficult to squeeze life in some certain framework, and the fact that it seemed to you happy marriage, can be ruined in one second because of one look or a fleeting smile of the stranger. If quite often pursues you unclear from where the undertaken melancholy and leans thirst of destruction, then it is the first sign that you did not find personal happiness! The image which not clearly looms on the horizon and prevents to live quietly is unsteady and indistinct, try to give it the form and paints.

2. It is necessary to collect happiness on particles, it is scrupulous - what heroes of books are pleasant to you and why with what public people you fall in love, even music which is pleasant to you, plays the role. Perhaps, to each other people with different characters, but something the general are also attracted, some favourite things have to be identical surely. Purely intuitively the person chooses to himself the partner with similar style in clothes, in a manner to put on without words the relation to the world, life and themselves is expressed.

3. Listen to stories by colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Where did they find the personal happiness, can some of these options will suit also you? Analyze the feelings from couples which you consider happy. How you think what does them by those? It is really important - to understand it that you consider harmony, then it will be easier for you to define that for the person it is necessary personally to you.

4. Slightly "понавязывайтесь" in the company to acquaintances or friends to whose personal happiness you envy "white" envy. The person really envies the one who is similar to him, but has something special this person does not have that. Therefore really to look for the happiness among people of relatives to you. It is quite possible that in this company there are also lonely friends or friends among whom there are you and you will find that only person whom you waited for all life.

5. Do not doubt - you recognize him at once! Where these lovely wrinkles disappeared in corners of eyes, this such special bend of an upper lip still and why so there is a wish to be absorbed in this dimple over a clavicle? Learned?! This your personal happiness, do not lose it. Open love and tenderness, do not pretend to be that whom you are not, you appreciate every moment, carried out together. Having found the happiness, keep it!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team