How to find the died person

How to find the died person

All remember how many people, both peace, and military, died in days of the Great Patriotic War. In spite of the fact that since then passed decades, still some people cannot learn how fate of their relatives and ancestors who were gone during war was and cannot find information on them. Several years ago search of the people who were gone in war represented considerable complexity, but today, during an era of high technologies, you without effort will be able to find the person necessary to you.


1. For this purpose use the electronic Memorial database existing since 2007, and which is located at on the Internet of Visit the website and find the section "Search in the Generalized Databank" in the menu.

2. In the opened entry field write a name, a surname and a middle name of the person whom you want to find, and press the Look for button. The database will issue you the ready list of all names to which search in your parameters reacted.

3. Except names, surnames and middle names in search results you will see information which will help to define the required person – birth date and birth place, date of death, and other data. To read more detailed information on the person, click on his name and open the separate page on which there will be detailed data on date of an appeal on the front, the duty station, a military rank, and other facts of human life.

4. Come into the section "Sources of the Actual Information" - there you will find a source from which the above data are taken, and in which you will be able to find also date of death and the place of burial of the found person and also information on his close relatives.

5. The database of the website "Memorial" impresses with the extensiveness and universality – it is possible to find in it practically each participant of the Great Patriotic War and therefore this base is extremely useful to any modern person which decided to learn more about life of the relatives who were at war at the front.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team