How to find the good friend

How to find the good friend

If you want to find the good friend, communicate more. You strike up new acquaintances or begin communication with the acquaintances. Sign up for courses or in step in club of adherents. Recognize people and do not become isolated.

1. To find the good friend, it is possible to look for him among already available acquaintances. Any person has them practically therefore consider the candidacy of each of them. Possibly, among your colleagues or classmates there are people who look for friends too. Begin to communicate with those who seem to you congenial and it is pleasant. It is possible just to approach and start a conversation. If the opponent supports it, it will mean, as communication with you is pleasant to it. If the person communicates with you reluctantly, be not imposed. If a simple talk developed into something bigger, move to a new level. For example, it is possible to suggest the opponent to go to the cinema or make walk on the park in free time.

2. If you have some acquaintances or not absolutely, it is necessary to look for the friend in certain places. If you approach the stranger on the street, he can misunderstand you. But in conditions in which people are in close or even indirect interaction either just periodically or regularly stay in one room, to start a conversation quite perhaps. You can sign up for advanced training courses or in driving school and also join club on interests. It will allow not just to find the interlocutor, and to have an opportunity to begin communication with the person which interests are similar to your own.

3. If you found the person with whom it is pleasant and easy for you to communicate, but are not sure whether you will find in his face of the friend, try to know it better. For this purpose you spend with it more time, tell about yourself, get more information of his life. You should not try to find out something personal and intimate, it can frighten off. But if the interlocutor with pleasure shares with you news and even secrets, it will become signal that it is ready to open. Begin to reveal before it and you.

4. If you are a constraining person, and it is difficult to you to begin communication, try to carry out search of the good friend by means of the Internet. Be registered at some thematic forum, find a subject, interesting to yourself there and participate in discussion. Quite often friendship which then can develop into real begins with such virtual communication. But it is important to move to a new level in time, otherwise the virtual world will absorb you, and the situation will only be aggravated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team