How to find the groom for the daughter

"How to find the groom for the daughter?" - many parents as soon as their daughter reaches puberty ask a similar question. It is very difficult and long process as any good parent wants his daughter to find not simply "the man near by", and the one who will become for her the real support with whom she will be able to live long and happily, "in a grief and joy" …

Several decades ago the choice of the groom for the daughter entirely lay on parents. They very carefully looked narrowly from what family any given young man whether he has housing as far as it is formed, what prosperity at it, what addictions. And men then were absolutely others. It is possible to tell, they fainted at the sight of the bared female leg and did not demand from the lady of the heart practically anything. Now everything became in a different way.

Most often guys from the past needed only the hostess in the house, the faithful companion of life who could give birth them to children.

First, it is necessary to look narrowly at his family. It is known that people take all behavior models from the childhood and if at the elect of your daughter, most likely, own family he builds the amicable relations with parents by the same principle. Nevertheless sometimes there are cases that, for example, in family of alcoholics absolutely teetotal children grow up. Unfortunately, it meets very seldom, and usually people build the family more or less similar to that in which they grew up.

Conscious change of a template can cause mistakes which will bring mutual pain.

Secondly, important aspect is the jealousy. Certainly, at the initial stage the jealousy is pleasant, but over time it can develop into total control and scandals. It is obvious not that you would like for the daughter. If the young man who lays claim to the groom too is not self-assured and is jealous the girl of each column, in the future nothing good from this will leave. Thirdly, people with different interests seldom form the harmonious union. Certainly, there is a common phrase "contrasts are attracted", but you for certain not really would like your clever and well-read daughter to communicate with the fan of "Formula One" and an auto racing? Whether quietly to you will realize that with him will be in the car it or your grandsons? Only equal people can have a long, happy and harmonious family. With similar education levels, temperaments, interests. If your daughter sees shortcomings of the person and hopes to change it, she should remember that it is impossible to change the adult personality. Certainly, the love is very pleasant feeling, but it as if rents you pink glasses, and after creation of family cruelly breaks them. After that there comes the disappointment as before marriage the partners usually show each other only the best qualities, and after marriage the full picture reveals. However if you understand that the guy not of steam of your daughter, but she desperately claims that she cannot present the life without it, do not oppose to its decision better, otherwise your daughter all life will blame you that you destroyed her love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team