How to find the ideal guy

How to find the ideal guy

Do you stay at home and wait until the ideal man knocks to you at a door? It is extremely wrong. It is necessary to work, and the more actively, the better. Be ready to meet him in everyone - it is worth taking a closer look attentively.


1. For a start it is necessary to be defined that in your understanding ""the ideal guy"" means. It is necessary to look soberly at life, realizing that the hero of the movie, strong, clever, courageous, beautiful, is only the actor with the learned text and the put speech. Take the handle and paper, write out all those qualities which you would go to see in the young man. If it's done, then it is possible to start search.

2. Get acquainted on the street, in cafe, cinema, clubs. If the nice young man smiles to you, approach him and just say hello "". Having ignored him, perhaps, you miss love of all the life. Do not miss the chance. Dare.

3. Be sociable and you treat people without arrogance and arrogance. Perhaps, the ideal guy turns out to you towards from round the corner now, and you will dart a cold and blank glance at him - it will pass by, and you will be sorry then about it. You treat life more simply, and people to you will stretch.

4. Smile. The smile always has and lightens the mood. It is not so difficult to make it. Passing by the guy, smile and throw a playful look in his party - unambiguously it will interest him, and next time it will not allow you to pass just like that by.

5. If you want to meet the ideal guy, then do not forget about the appearance. It is known that meet after all on clothes therefore it is necessary to look stunning and well-groomed every day. It does not mean that it is necessary to put on on weekdays as on secular reception, however you have to be to look elegantly and with taste. Any guy will not be impressed by the dirty head and the cracked varnish on nails.

6. Do not stop and do not despond if you at once did not meet the suitable man. It is a little patience, and destiny of you will reward. The main thing - never and under no circumstances lower hands. Remember that you are worthy happiness, but it is necessary to fight for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team