How to find the loyal friend

How to find the loyal friend

The person – only of all living beings who is able to be on friendly terms. Lyubov is at swans when without each other birds refuse to live. The sense of responsibility can be observed at penguins when they in turn care for posterity. The magnificent team and "feeling of comradeship" are in pack of wolves. But friendship is a human concept. However, not at all it turns out to find loyal friends and to keep friendship for years. But never late to begin.

1. Pay attention to those who are nearby. The neighbor in the house, the colleague at work or the acquaintance with whom you go the second year to one sports section can be congenial people. Find a reason for a meeting with them in a nonconventional situation. It can turn out that the silent and gloomy neighbor adores the Japanese culture as well as you. And the thoughtless colleague spends all the money for travel over the exotic countries. And will go to Cambodia always was your dream! It is not necessary to be afraid that you will be misunderstood. Even if friendship will not turn out, you can spend time just remarkably.

2. Do not ignore the Internet. Every year the number of couples which got acquainted with the help of a world wide web grows. If people manage to fall in love on the Internet why not to make friends in the same way. Only you do not say that you and so is more than two hundred have some on pages of social networks. To be engaged in easy chatter few times in a week with the person who never in life was seen and to be on friendly terms is different things. First of all make an appointment to the virtual friend in real. Perhaps, you will be disappointed after this meeting and remove the person from the list of friends. And can be you will get the loyal friend. Anyway, it is worth trying.

3. Try to communicate more. If you have an opportunity to travel, surely use it. In absolutely unfamiliar and unusual situation the people reveal and become simpler and more sincere. In a campaign all in identical situation. When you clamber on the mountain with a heavy backpack behind shoulders, least of all you think of the status, image and the fashionable gadget. But kindness, strength of mind, sense of humour and reliability of the one who overcomes difficulties nearby can be noticed at once.

4. Get to yourself a pet. Yes, he is not able to talk. But as he listens as he rejoices to your arrival from work! And to it it is not important at all that this month you have no award that you recovered recently that became boring and you speak only about work and that with you it is uninteresting to drink vodka because you quickly fall asleep. The pet will not betray and will not exchange you for that who has more communications in society. And the feeling of loneliness with it does not threaten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team