How to find the mother

How to find the mother

The people deprived in the childhood of parents try to find them, even in spite of the fact that native mother refused them. But this search is at a loss lawful restrictions, limitation periods and lack of information. Be ready that search can drag on, and the expected result can bring strong disappointment.


1. If you were brought up in orphan establishment, the director has your personal record in which data of your parents or the immediate family are specified. Of course, the director has no right to show you these data as they are confidential (according to the Law on adoption). But if at you the contact is come with the director well, you already were 18 years old and there are no restrictions on capacity, the management can go on violation of duty regulations. The personal record can contain information on your biological parents, sometimes only about one of them – a name, a surname, year of birth and the residential address at that time when documents for deprivation of the parental rights, their restriction or transfer of the child to orphan establishment in connection with the death of the trustee were processed.

2. The information about your parents, can contain also in guardianship authorities in the place of your stay. But guardianship has the right to provide you such information only by a court decision or at the request of prosecutor's office. If you were adopted, your new parents know information on your biological parents.

3. If your biological mother on date of transmission you in orphanage was not established (you were thrown, left in maternity hospital and so forth), respectively, the information about her will not be. There can be data on maternity hospital in which you were born. And you can go to it and have a talk with personnel if still someone works since those times. Perhaps, someone remembers your case and can help from information. If you were thrown or on date of transmission you in orphan establishment the location of your parents was not established, in law enforcement agencies there has to be a document on detection of the found (thrown) child.

4. In a personal record there can be information on those people who sponsored you until you got to orphanage. Find for them, perhaps, they remember your parents and can tell about their future.

5. As time since you appeared in orphan establishment, passed much, information on location of your mother can be outdated. Not always help desks and militia can know its stay. It can change a surname, the residence and even nationality. If the name and a surname are known to you, look for mother on social networks. If any woman approaches under the required description, softly try to find out some circumstances of her life. Perhaps, she prefers not to remember that period, you should be to it ready.

6. Request search of mother in the Wait for Me program. But it is rather final instance. There it is possible to address if you were separated from mother owing to insuperable circumstances. Then there are chances that she looks for you too.

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