How to find the new girl

How to find the new girl

Each history of break in relations between two loving people – is unique, despite similarity with other similar situations. Many people disperse and put an end the relations. The most important is to manage to understand that this parting made in life room for a new and best love story. There passes time and the man is bothered by barchelor life, there is a wish for care, love and tenderness. There are many ways to find the new girl.


1. Try to forget the experience of the previous relations with the girl. Do not allow the past to influence your bright future.

2. You will never find the new girl if all days you stay at home within four walls. Do not wait for a miracle that the girl will find you, will come and will call you a door. You do not sit in one place, having wrapped up in a warm plaid in front of the TV. It is necessary to be constantly among people, to communicate and not to become despondent or a depression.

3. You spend more time with the friends. They will help to make your life more various, interesting and will fill it with positive emotions. Do not refuse offers to visit any club, bar or the gym.

4. Do not forget that the new girl can appear in your life in any place and in the most unexpected time. Meet new people, then you will have not only new friends, but also girlfriends among whom there can be your new love.

5. Change something in the appearance. Do new hair, buy clothes which were never worn earlier. Change the image.

6. Start going to places where earlier never happened. Join a public library, you go to dances, visit the pool or gym.

7. Try to get acquainted with the girl on social networks. It is a good way of acquaintance, without leaving the house. Write about yourself in the questionnaire, tell about the hobbies, interests, a hobby and about that, what do you do. Leave the phone number and wait for a call.

8. Do not look for the girl similar to the former girlfriend and do not compare her to her. Find full contrast her that reminded nothing of the old relations. Try to be not too exacting in the choice. Consider positive sides of character, appearance in girls and do not pay attention to small shortcomings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team