How to find the only person

How to find the only person

For very many people the understanding of happiness is inseparable from such concepts as family, children, darling. Sometimes people look for long years the soulmate, but cannot find her in any way. How to find the person capable to present you happiness?


1. Ask yourself a question: what do you want to receive from darling? The answer to this question is very important as a lot of things will be able to tell about you. And it at all not such is to what it is often presented, beginning to list qualities of the soulmate. Here it is important not that it will be able to give you, and what you wish it to present. Your love, tenderness, caress, care …

2. The need to love is put in soul of the person. The person who lived life and did not learn what is true love lived in vain. Love not for something – not for beautiful eyes or a slim figure, not for the bank account or pleasant character. The love arises at the level of merge of two souls. In it the secret of search of the soulmate also is. Do not look for darling according to your ideas of what he has to be, it is the wrong way. Look for Soul, all the rest will be put.

3. How in practice to find the promised or dried? The person close to you in many respects is similar to you, otherwise just there will be no affinity of souls. It does not mean that he divides all your hobbies – he is similar to you at the level of sincere qualities. For example, if you the honest person, then it is very difficult for you, it is almost impossible to fall in love with the swindler. To the contrary, the swindler and the swindler will be drawn to each other at once – because they are identical.

4. Proceeding from logic of the previous point, it is necessary to look for darling where you can really meet him. You can go to library or to a rock concert (one is not better and it is not worse than another) – there where you are attracted by your interests. Exactly there you also have real chances to meet the person close to you. But silly to look for him in Wednesday absolutely alien to you.

5. The Internet gives very good opportunities to meet the soulmate. Reading questionnaires of people on dating sites, you under the questionnaire will be able already to draw quite certain conclusions on the person. Further virtual communication will help to confirm them or to disprove.

6. People the believer by search of the only person should hope for the help of God. It is possible to call this way the best – it brought to very many people happiness. Everything very much reminds a miracle (or perhaps it and is) – the person sincerely asks God, the Virgin about the help in the device of private life, and later very short time finds the happiness. At the same time it can become clear later that both are he and she – asked God and the Virgin about the same.

7. Saying about how to find darling, it is necessary to mention also how it should not be looked for. Never look for it, proceeding from financial reasons – you will never be happy. To men, especially well-founded, it is not necessary to look for by all means beauties – chances of personal happiness are very low here. Do not think of prestige, that will think of your elect or the darling – all this empty and alluvial. Happiness can be found only with darling, and the love is not on sale and is not bought.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team