How to find the sister

How to find the sister

Loss of contact with brothers and sisters – quite widespread phenomenon now. A fast rhythm of life, distances, new acquaintances and the relations – all this is capable to divide even the closest people. Nevertheless you can try to find the sister one of suitable ways.

Search of the sister online

Find the sister by name, to a surname and a middle name if, of course, you are sure that they did not change. It is possible to make it, for example, through Internet search engines, having entered all known data. Try various variations with the indication of date of birth, age, the last place of study known to you or works of the sister. All this will help to make search results more exact, and if it carries, you learn where now there is your relative.

Use social networks. Process of search in them practically same, as well as stated above except that the known data will need to be entered into special fields. At the same time users of social networks establish own photos as an avatar that will help you to recognize the sister among a large number of the people suitable under the description. If you have general relatives, friends or colleagues registered on this social network try to write to them and to try to clear a situation. Also without fail ring round all relatives to you and the sister of people whose contacts are available for you.

Other ways of search

Place the announcement of search of the gone sister on the page on social network. Also you can make it on the special websites. Pay special attention to your city resources. Besides, you can submit the announcement to local newspapers, stick them on the city, order the announcement on radio, etc. if, for example, the sister got lost in your settlement or area. Submit the application for loss of the person to police. It is allowed to do it in 48 hours after loss. After that law enforcement agencies will ask you on special signs of appearance of the sister, on under what circumstances it was gone who can be connected with it, etc. Further you will be informed how search progresses. Visit independently places of study or work of the sister if you know them and also any other institutions where she could appear – hospitals, the sports centers, etc. Print out the qualitative photo of the relative and show it to people who could see it. If touch with the sister is lost long ago, and you do not know where it can be, address in the telecast "Wait for Me". The application about loss of the person you can post programs on the official site, having filled the offered form. Search results to you it will be announced later.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team