How to find the son

How to find the son

The teenage age is considered one of the most difficult in children's development. Parents lose many nerves, trying to come into contact with the maturing child. Sometimes it comes to an end with the fact that the child leaves the house, leaving parents alone with the most dark thoughts. Such goings are cries of despair. And if not to be disturbed by them, everything can end very badly.


1. First of all check contacts of his close friends. Are afraid to become anywhere teenagers usually. It is the simplest to find them at friends or relatives. If friends of the son of his age, they can not give the place of presence of your child, then it is worth addressing their parents. You should not disregard this gesture precisely.

2. Study contacts of the boy on social networks. In general psychologists do not recommend to climb in correspondence of the child with peers. But in critical situations it is admissible. On the page of the child you will be able to find his potential adherents in whose company he spends time in social network.

3. Employ the detective if goings of the son repeat often, and every time you cannot independently find for it. It absolutely the extreme case, and is worth resorting to it in difficult situations. It is important to be convinced that the child spends time not in shooting galleries, not on trainings of sects and not in the bad companies. Only do not report to him about this step, otherwise you risk to lose trust absolutely.

4. Work over psychological climate in family. Besides purely organizational measures for search of the gone child, it is important to eradicate problem sources. Teenagers leave the house only if parents incorrectly react to crisis of development of teenage age. This crisis is shown that the teenager wishes the attitude towards himself as to the adult, but at the same time it has no own resources for independent life. The best way of response from parents to crisis of teenage age is to accept growing of the son. And to help with finding of resources on becoming more independent. Continuing to live with parents, the boy can earn, for example, on computer games or fashionable gadgets. It is simple to give money and to continue to control each step of the child – not an exit.

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