How to finish breastfeeding

How to finish breastfeeding

Breast milk - the best food for the child from the birth about one year. However sooner or later there comes the moment when mother decides to finish breastfeeding. It is necessary to do it intelligently that not nanast to the child a psychological trauma.


1. The main rule - otnyatiye from a breast has to be gradual. The child should not feel thrown, left. Begin with the fact that you will begin to miss one of feedings. Instead go to take a walk with the child or feed it with something tasty, but not milk. Avoid the situations provoking desire to suck a breast. For example, you do not sit down with the child in a rocking-chair. do not assume that he missed. The boredom causes desire to suck a breast.

2. If the child still not really big, feeding by a breast can be replaced with sucking of a small bottle, a dummy gradually. Try to change a ritual with which feeding is connected by a breast. For example, if you sit in a chair during feeding, do not sit down there. Or you do not awake the child since morning, charge it to the father. Increase intervals between feedings. Foresee desire of the child to suck a breast. Try to occupy it with something interesting in advance. Keep a benevolent spirit. Try to agree with the child.

3. In the latest turn remove feedings which the child especially loves. It is the most difficult to refuse feeding for the night. It is gradually possible to create other ritual of withdrawal for sleeping - quiet games, putting on of a pajamas, stroking, etc. You look at otnyatiye from a breast not as on loss of some relations with the kid and as their expansion. However be ready that process of the termination of feeding will be more dlogy, than you planned.

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