How to finish the relations with the married man

How to finish the relations with the married man

Sometimes life pits the girl against the married man. But the affair with him cannot eternally proceed. Eventually before it there is a question - as to leave it.


1. Realize that manipulate you in the mercenary purposes. It is convenient to it to live with the family, and to receive from you lacking attention, or caress. Find forces to recognize it and to make the final decision. It is hard, especially if you strongly are tied to it. It is necessary to get rid of psychological dependence and to tell "no" to own whims.

2. After you made the decision — act immediately. Sever relations finally, without leaving either themselves, or him chances of their renewal. Do not answer calls and SMS, it was not kind of heavy. Do not write, avoid casual meetings. Present it as the enemy whom you do not want to see and hear more.

3. Seeing inevitability of a gap, men can go on all tricks. For example, to agree with you that it will be better to leave for both of you, but at the same time to suggest to spend "farewell" night. Do not agree at all, be firm in the intention. Otherwise there is a probability that by the morning you will be together again, and your run on a vicious circle will continue.

4. Remove all objects which remind of it from the house. It is the best of all if you throw out them, in this case you will save yourself from possible memoirs. Why do you need this nostalgia?

5. With things simply — they can be thrown out. It will be much more difficult to get off a mind of it. They need to be replaced with others — register in sports section or take a vacation and go to have a rest. New impressions and acquaintances plus change of a situation will gradually force out all thoughts of it from your head.

6. If there is no opportunity to leave, plan the life so that you did not have free time. You have to be always busy — work, a hobby, friends, sports activities, etc. It will be simple to you to indulge once in memoirs, besides you will get new acquaintances. Look narrowly at them, perhaps among them there will be the one who will make worthy replacement to your former man.

7. That it was easier to make the decision to break off the relations with the married man, understand that if he lies to the wife — means can deceive also others. Including you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team