How to force it to arrive to you

How to force it to arrive to you

To induce the person to do something against will it is impossible. But men are not smaller coquettes, than the woman therefore in this case it will be a question not of that how to break will of darling, and about that how to push him to development of the relations. And for a start to force to arrive to you.


1. Sort out a situation: whether so this man is necessary to you that for the sake of him you are ready to go for a number of small tricks. Try to understand whether it is necessary also you to him. Do not write at all and you do not call him for this purpose. If he writes to you or will call, do not begin to sort out the relations before he does not start a conversation about them.

2. To understand as the man treats you, remember as far as he vividly reacted to your words and acts when you were together. If he was silent and indifferent, then it is worth drawing the conclusions very unfavourable for your relations though here it is possible to give a discount for shyness or complex. But you remember: in love, as well as in business, too big discounts can lead to ruin.

3. If it got off with stock phrases, then it does not say that he is indifferent to you. First, your relations can last already for a long time, and they need to be diversified. Secondly, the man can be constantly busy, and all his thoughts turn around career or any obligations even on vacation. The workaholism is curable, and its recurrence has not a direct bearing on love. Thirdly, even if at you he stared at counter young ladies and did not notice what you do at present or speak, then it testifies only to some inconstancy of men's nature, and not to his indifference to you at all. After all, can be, he just compared you to passersby, and for certain comparison was exclusive in your advantage.

4. If on the basis of such analysis you came to a conclusion that your relations have the future, then start direct actions which will force it to arrive to you. You go to hairdressing salon and beauty shop. The new hairstyle and fresh complexion of the girlfriend by all means will please the beloved and transformation will undoubtedly do you good.

5. Strain imagination and think up some powerful occasion in order that it arrived to you. The occasion has to be really considerable, otherwise the man can refuse to you a visit. Do not compose new date of the birth at all, subsequently the truth will be all the same opened. The invitation on a visit occasionally … failure of the car will be one of the most right decisions. In spite of the fact that auto repair shops now at every turn, almost each man will not refuse to itself pleasure to rummage interiors of an iron horse. When the man arrives to you, tell that you urgently had to tow it in service because you, unfortunately, forgot that at the car the term of guarantee maintenance did not end yet.

6. Send the car to service. First, in order that deception accidentally did not open. Secondly, any car will not damage preventive maintenance. If you have no car, it it does not matter. Imagine that you have it. Essential plus - you should not be spent for prevention of a car to force the man to arrive. But this innocent deception will work only if you are able to drive. Subsequently the nonexistent car can be "sold". Sometimes (depending on a profession or the interests of the man) the car can be replaced with the computer which can be given on temporary storage to neighbors or besides, it is simple to present that you have it.

7. Call it and call on a visit. It is possible and just to invite the man to a romantic dinner, without writing tales of the car or the computer. If he agreed with pleasure, then it means that you will be able to surprise him with, at least, culinary talents. If such talents are not observed, it is possible to order food at restaurant. Do not ask him to arrive and do not show the discontent if he refuses to you. It means that he is not ready to the relations yet or he really has no free time.

8. Be prepared properly for arrival of the man. Lay a table. If the man leads a sober life, then on a table there should not be an alcohol. If he is not an opponent of good wine in the good company, alcohol can be present at a table, but at moderate quantities (1-2 bottles) that he did not think that you drink.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team