How to force it to marry me

How to force it to marry me

And seemingly you are fine. Your beautiful and passionate novel developed into the serious stable relations. And any more there are no doubts that it that with whom you see yourself nearby both through five, and in ten years. That from whom you want children. Here only he does not hurry to make offer to you though you so wait for it.


1. You do not press on it. Even if your patience already suits the end, and from language the phrase "And when we get married is already just about ready to fly?", it is necessary to try to make so that it after all did not fly. Bite to yourself tongue better until he exorcizes the first about marriage. Otherwise you risk to lose it. Men till a certain moment in panic are afraid of the word "wedding" pronounced by the woman. And even if he lives for a long time with the beloved to whom it brings all salary, in exchange receiving the washed socks and home-made cutlets, then all the same can feel a panic from one thought of a stamp in the passport. To us, women, of course, not to understand this phobia, it is necessary only to accept and find a way to resist to it.

2. Make so that the man "himself" realized all benefits of married situation. It will be difficult if you do not live together. Therefore the first step is to gather with your elect. If he does not show an initiative in any way, you can resort to cunning. Say to him what at neighbors from above broke through a pipe and strongly flooded you therefore some time in your apartment will just become repair, respectively, you have no place to live. Only think up something if your beloved will want to prove as the knight and will volunteer to be engaged in repair. After you become the "forced" hostess in his house, to you and cards in hands. Surround it with care, forget for a while about restaurant kitchen — you feed it with tasty homemade food. Buy the good cookbook and every day surprise darling with the culinary skill. And what to do — outside though the twenty first century, and, than through his stomach, women did not think up more right way to the man's heart yet.

3. Show to the elect as pleasantly not only together to go to bed at night, but also to wake up in embraces in it in the morning. Every day. Do not refuse to it morning sex even if you are afraid to be late for work. In the morning surely feed him with a tasty, nourishing and useful breakfast.

4. Carry out all household chores easily and naturally. However you should not neglect the men's help, differently then when you get married, it will be difficult for you to prove that you are tired too and cannot cope with all cases on economy.

5. You visit together married couples which, certainly, are happy in marriage. Others positive example well affects male consciousness. By the way, this way is especially shown in case you live in a civil marriage long ago, but the husband does not hurry to make out the relations officially. Let he will see that the wedding and a stamp in the passport changes nothing in joint life. At least, for the worse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team