How to force the girl to forget the guy

How to force the girl to forget the guy

Some people, entering the relations, still did not forget last love. It prevents to live in the present, to enjoy feelings and will wound the new elect. The help hand is sometimes necessary to continue to enjoy life.

1. Show patience and understanding in relation to the girl. If you hurry or press on it, she can become reserved or take offense at you. To forget last love, time and also support of the loved one is required.

2. Let's it be uttered and learn as much as possible about the predecessor. Talking about the ex-boyfriend, the girl will be able to look at him on the other hand, thanks to your remarks. Softly emphasize its bad parties. She could not pay attention that it often was late earlier, never gave gifts and did not call back, but at a conversation with you will notice it. Consider the listed minuses and you study on its mistakes. Find out what was pleasant to it in it to use it in the purposes.

3. Remove all reminders on it. It is desirable to clean up from its apartment photos former, all its gifts and memorable things. At walks avoid the place where they were happy. Show it other world, open new districts of the city and interesting institutions.

4. Find new joint occupation. The girl needs to vanish to forget about the experiences. Learn, than she would like to be engaged, it is desirable together. A great option – pair dances. You will spend much time together, it is interesting and cheerful, allows to feel proximity with the partner. It is important to choose what really will interest the girl.

5. Expand a circle of her acquaintances, having acquainted with the friends. It is desirable to warn about its vulnerable state that with it were more friendly in advance. The friendly company, cheerful pastime and new acquaintances - a good way to come up from bad memoirs.

6. Show love and surround it with attention. Feeling your care, it will be pleasant to it, she will feel darling and will be able quicker to leave the past. You pay compliments, make lovely gifts, you spend together more time. Become a part of her life and force out the past.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team