How to force the guy to be nervous

How to force the guy to be nervous

Do you want to check as far as strong feelings of your second half? Before beginning to work, think whether really it is so important to you to know it, the result of check can be unpredictable …


1. What can adult men most of all be afraid of? Of course, to be thrown for the sake of someone another. Therefore if you want to unnerve the boyfriend slightly, begin to ignore his calls, represent strong employment and stop to stick to him with questions of such plan: - where you vanished; - why long did not call; - as there passed the working day and so forth. Do not show interest in its affairs. Sooner or later the man will notice your behavior and will begin to ask counter questions.

2. Change yourself. Buy new erotic linen, clothes, a bag, shoes, do fashionable hair, etc. Certainly, your transformation will not remain unaddressed. Here everything will depend only on your behavior again. Do not focus attention of the man to yourself openly, "bluntly". Allow it to guess, puzzling over that for the sake of whom you started all this. The first thought which will arise at your elect will be that women will not begin to throw out money to burn just like that.

3. Ask the husband or the good acquaintance of the girlfriend somehow you to bring. At an explanation with the guy mention accidentally that you came not by the taxi. All the rest, certainly, you should not be told. Let your boyfriend will think up an ending of this fairy tale.

4. Most it is simple to force a way of the guy to be nervous – mysterious sms or calls from the secret adorer. You can ask the help for the acquaintance from outside again. By the way, even your best friend will be able to send the SMS. Play a role as though these messages or calls took you unawares before the guy. Picking up the phone, you tell standard phrases ("I will call back later. It is busy" or "Now I cannot communicate") or just dump a call. Depending on temperament of your man, he can be at a boiling point as at once, and through several such calls.

5. To learn the true attitude towards itself of the guy, try such drastic remedy: tell it that are pregnant. How it will react, it will become clear to you how it is necessary to behave further. If your soulmate prefers to disappear, it is better for you. But if in reply you hear love recognition, take this man for Khimki and straight conduct it in a registry office.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team