How to force the guy to throw itself

How to force the guy to throw itself

Each real girl, if wants, can tempt any guy. And even, if desired, to put on him a wedding ring. And here to get rid of the bothered young man happens really difficult. As the female popular wisdom says, worse than an importunate fly there can be only annoying guys. And the best way out in this case, than to force the guy to throw itself, cannot be. Here only as to make it?


1. Study character and habits of the guy if did not manage to make it earlier. Also act so that he constantly felt discomfort and irritation from your acts. For example, if he is an orderly person, the moralist and the pedant — arrange a mess in his house and life. Bring confusion and a disorder in its measured existence. If the guy, on the contrary, gets savage from life "by rules" and does not transfer a type of accurately hanging towels in the bathroom and eternally scattered magazines and books put by a pile its, then begin to bring orders to his house and do not forget to moralize at the same time tiresome concerning the correct behavior.

2. Stop to be interested in its affairs and if he starts a conversation about them, immediately begin to yawn. For the man important that the woman supported him. Forget about praises, instead of them constantly point out the defects of the guy and everywhere insert a phrase: "I spoke!" For example, it: "Darling you represent, to me prolonged a trial period at work". You: "I said that you will not cope with this position!" Any man will not endure such relation and will find to himself that which "will appreciate it and to understand".

3. Deprive of it what he got used to and cannot do without it: food and sex. Food — in the sense that stop to indulge him home-made cutlets and soups, and sex — let it there will be a minimum or will not be at all (the head, problems at work, fatigue, PMS and infinite critical days hurts). Let behind food goes to cafe, and behind sex — well, generally, too let somewhere goes. After all, it will come to the only exit from developed situations which is directly behind your door.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team