How to force the husband not to change

How to force the husband not to change

It is known that most of men of a poligamna. And let their heart is occupied only by you, all of them will equally look, and sometimes and to have "a bit on the side". If it is unpleasant to you, and most likely, indeed, try to influence the spouse. It can be done in several various ways.


1. The most radical method in this case is to threaten the spouse with a divorce. Most likely, this statement will have instant effect. However, often it is impossible to resort to such influence. Otherwise the threat will just cease to be regarded seriously. There is also one more back of this medal. Suddenly your spouse is so weak on a front that will exchange monotony of family life for absolute freedom of action.

2. Other way to hold the light-headed husband – all possible ways to prevent it to carry out conceived. It is possible to make it differently. The first option – try to have sex with it as often as possible (on average, 3 times a day). Exploit from it, and then it will definitely not walk "on the left" (as simply will not be able). At the same time you do not treat occupations love as to a compulsory measure or compulsory procedure at all. Men see falseness through, and such behavior you, on the contrary, will frighten off the spouse.

3. If frequent sex is not in your plans, suit the spouse romantic week-end. Safely reincarnate, use goods from the sex shop, try new poses and caress – generally, do everything that every time of spouses was surprised your ingenuity. Eventually he so will get used to distinguished sex that banal copulation will simply cease to interest him.

4. Alternative deduction option of the man in family is to fill up it with homework. Load it with affairs so that on a campaign "on the left" it just did not have time. At the same time you do not tell to the spouse of a phrase like at all "you have to", "you are obliged". He should be asked tenderly and gently - then the man will feel the superiority and your admiration of his talents and with pleasure will execute all household chores.

5. If you appreciate honesty in the relations, just talk to the husband and try to find out the reason of his unfaithfulness. Perhaps, you will be guilty of its acts therefore the quicker you will bring him to straight talk, the it will be easier for both of you to live further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team