How to force the husband of to respect

How to force the husband of to respect

Marrying, the relations between the man and the woman seem ideal. But after a while feelings become dull and die away. The husband more often is late at work, will see off him with you more with the friends less. It would seem, nothing terrible, at work there are works involving all hands, and friends after marriage did not get to anywhere. But it absolutely ceased to reckon with your opinion and does only that, finds necessary. Two persons are guilty of the family conflict. What to undertake for the solution of this problem?


1. The first is a conversation. Sit down at the negotiating table. Perhaps, your husband simply does not understand that he the behavior hurts you. Explain to him what you would like from it and when he hears you, perhaps, everything will get better.

2. Fall in love with yourself favourite. Many women, having acquired the status of the wife, change the clothes consisting of short skirts, dresses and shoes on hairpins on a dressing gown, jeans and "flats". Reasons for this purpose much: can be, it was affected by the husband, and can you became so more convenient because in life increased cares. Return former clothes, your husband fell in love with you such.

3. Take care of the own life. It is not obligatory to go to expensive gyms, beauty shops. It is possible to start doing fitness also at home. It is also possible to call girlfriends and to make these trainings regular. There are many councils for personal care, I think, each woman can make a face pack, light massage, etc. of make-shifts.

4. Become financially independent of the husband. If there are temporary difficulties with a primary place of employment, then for a while it is possible to become the freelancer. Now it is very popular type of activity which can turn into the main earnings. You will choose that industry which you well understand, and try to find something in this direction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team