How to force the husband to respect

How to force the husband to respect

The wedding died down, the honeymoon flew by – and already family life came into the own. And now the young family should work daily on that their family boat did not crash, passing through household reeves. Strangely enough, love – not a so indispensable condition in order that the family was happy. The main thing – common goals, existence of common interests and mutual respect of partners. How to the new wife to win respect of the husband?

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1. For a start the woman should most learn to respect the man. To respect and notice its advantages, abilities, achievements, wisdom, mind and other. Everything that is praiseworthy – should be noted and praised. That the mutual respect reigned in family – leave all conflicts, squabbles, criticism and abuse behind a threshold of a matrimonial nest. Women – the people emotional but to learn to be at loss for words and in a conversationwith the husbandnevertheless it is necessary to intonation of .

2. How to be told, contrary to everything. And here for respect some base is necessary. Make the list of the advantages for which, in your opinion, you should be respected. You appreciate yourself – and you will be appreciated by your spouse.

3. Maintain confidence in the spouse that you – his most favorable acquisition. Look after yourself, be seductive and charming.

4. Let your culinary masterpieces, faultless appearance will be estimated by friends of your family, the husband's friends who paid to you a visit. From their compliments your value will rise in estimation of the spouse twice.

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