How to force the man to make a declaration of love

How to force the man to make a declaration of love

Men are surprising beings; they can love the woman, but never tell her words that they love it. For this reason it is important to know how to force the man to make a declaration of love if he does not hurry with it.

1. In the relations between the man and the woman often there are situations when one party expects from another some actions or words, and another – for some reason does not do or does not tell it. So occurs also at the moments when the woman loves the man, and he never says that he loves her too. What to do in such situation?

2. The main thing is not to despair, and to take everything under own control. You do not know why it does not want to make a declaration of love. It can constraining or considers that you have enough of fact that it constantly gives something to you, invites to appointments, and can in his family parents never say how they love each other. Here several advice which will help you "get to talking" the man that he, at last, told that he loves you.

3. Analyze as your man if you say that you love him reacts. If he looks away, then, most likely, just hesitates of these words. If at the time of your recognitions the man indifferently continues to do something special, prick up the ears - it can be sign of indifference to your feelings.

4. Having found out its reaction, decide that it is better for you to make that he made a declaration of love. If he constraining or at him in family it is simply not accepted to speak about love, then ask it to tell about love for you in response to own recognition better. That is openly tell the man that you want to hear from him the words "I love you" as it is important to you to know it for certain. Only do not take in head to do it in public, exchange the words of love alone better.

5. If on your question of whether he loves you, the man speaks "yes" or something like thatsomething like that, can invite friends and play some game of type of forfeits. And when his turn will come, tell that he made a declaration of love beautiful words to you.

6. There are situations when it is absolutely unclear, the man loves you or not. Then it is possible to take radical measures. Put the tough ultimatum: or he makes a declaration of love to you, or you leave. If he agrees with the second option, then be not sorry about end of the relations, he just does not love you.

7. In certain cases other ways can help. For example, it is possible to talk to his close friend and to ask that your man speaks to him about you. It is also possible to ask that the friend hinted your man that it would be time to make a declaration of love to you already. If you have good relations with his mother, it is possible to ask her about it.

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