How to force the man to think of itself

How to force the man to think of itself

Imagine a situation in which you liked a certain man – at a meeting, a party or some other action, you got acquainted and began to communicate – and it is natural, ask a question: how to fill with itself the man's thoughts at least throughout your personal meeting? It is not so difficult if the nobility as it is correct to create a thought of the interlocutor. In this article you learn how to make so that the man thought of you during the appointment every second.


1. Emphasize all the advantages and the bright parties. Put on modestly, not provocatively, but so that the dress and a hairstyle favourably showed beauty of your figure and appearance. Choose graceful and natural cosmetics and elegant jewelry.

2. Go on a date freshened up and had a rest, do not show fatigue and irritation. Be friendly and joyful. Do not go on a date of hungry – differently instead of thinking of the man, you will think of food.

3. Before to meet with the man, apply a few spirits to skin. It will constantly draw attention to you.

4. Remember that the man's thoughts, anyway, concern him and also what is connected with him.

5. Try to conduct communication on such subjects which time from time will return the man to some associations with own hobbies, the purposes and interests. Discuss things which somehow concern at the same time and you, and the man and also try to keep constantly the man in easy suspense – it will allow to keep attention on itself all the time.

6. You watch closely how the man treats other people and as he treats them. Treat him the same as it treats others – realize its expectations from other people. Be honest and truthful that the man with you was honest in reply. If he opens to you, it's done – you filled his thoughts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team