How to force the person to miss

How to force the person to miss

Sometimes it is so important to know that the road and darling, even being in the distance, thinks of you. To force to miss someone it is almost impossible, but you can try to make so that for a long time to remain in his thoughts, without causing at the same time feeling of irritation.


1. First of all, to force to miss the person, it is necessary to disappear for some time from his life. If you constantly are nearby, then on quite natural that you and will be missed by nobody. Of course, it is absolutely difficult – to voluntarily abandon darling. But only thus you will give him enough space and time that he managed to realize your absence and that, he is in you how in great need.

2. Be busy all the time or simply pretend if it not so actually. Next time, talking to the orchestra seats, on his question of in what you are engaged now, do not give the direct answer, and just laugh the matter off or tell about some amusing story which happened to you recently. Thus, you will kill two hares at once: you will show that you the cheerful, easy person and also will show the saturation of the life. After that nothing remains to your elect how to decide that you very interesting personality and it would be absolutely quite good to spend with you more free time.

3. During the appointments ask about some pleasant memories, but only about those which connect you together. For example, tell: "And you remember when we were on the beach last time, you made incredibly beautiful sand castle?". Only it is not necessary to go into extremes and all free evening to be engaged in memoirs. However periodically reminding of the pleasant joint moments, you give the chance to the person to think of that how much good unites you.

4. If you do not live together, then in the quite good way to force the man will remember you inadvertently more often "to forget" some bagatelle: hairbrush, earring, compact disk. Every time, "натыкаясь" on it at himself in the apartment, he will involuntarily think of you. The main condition – strategically forgotten thing should not need urgent return (keys, a purse, the mobile phone).

5. But, perhaps, in the most effective way to force the person to miss is to be soul of the company, near you has to be always easy and cheerful. If you perfectly spend time with the orchestra seats, do not quarrel on trifles, then he anyway during involuntary separation will miss and think only of you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team