How to force the person to smile

Among your acquaintances for certain there will be couple of people who constantly attract to themselves new friends and friends. In what a secret of their popularity? The answer is simple: they are able to raise a smile of the interlocutor and to win over him. It appears to achieve the same success, it is not necessary to have special skills of communication or ideal sense of humour. It is necessary to force only … to smile people around.


1. You think positively. Optimistic people are able to change reality: the infectious smile and ringing laughter force all to look around at the world more cheerfully. Therefore if you want to cause positive emotions in people around, once positive thinking learns. It is absolutely simple. Create the special diary where it is necessary to bring all good that happens in a day. Do not neglect trifles: fresh rolls, fresh bed linen and good weather have to be in the list. These, at first sight insignificant things, also create your mood. Reconsidering records, you will see that life is filled a set of good and pleasant things. So, it will become much simpler to rejoice to each new day!

2. Avoid too "sharp" jokes. The sense of humour can be the assistant in communication, it helps to approach the pleasant person quicker. However it is worth avoiding the jokes directed to pinning up the interlocutor in an ironic form having pointed to his shortcoming or a mistake. Such "sharpness" will hardly raise a sincere smile and sympathy. Moreover, the victim of an unsuccessful joke can nurse a grievance and answer the same at the most inappropriate moment. And then not before laughter will be already to you.

3. Laugh at yourself, but not at others. Comic self-criticism — a certain way to amuse the interlocutor. The rare person can laugh at own miss, however this ability helps to transfer any troubles easier. Besides, readiness to joke even in the most critical situation helps to avoid a set of the conflicts: if you accidentally offended or offended somebody, do not hesitate to approach the person with a smile and to admit the guilt. Most likely, response will also be positive.

4. Be an actor. Even if the best jokes in your execution are only surprising and sluggish smiles, means to you there is not enough virtuosity. Good giving — one of the main secrets of a successful joke. Pay attention to own diction: it has to be accurate. You speak rather loudly, without hurrying and without crumpling a word. Besides, help yourself gestures and a mimicry. The more an expression and emotions you will manage to enclose in "performance", the listeners will understand you better.

5. Give compliments. To win sympathy of the interlocutor and to raise his smile very simply — it is necessary to tell something pleasant only. Pay attention to advantages of the people surrounding you and do not forget to speak about it aloud. It is possible to praise both external advantages, and intellectual achievements, traits of character and professional progress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team