How to force the son to work

How to force the son to work

Unfortunately, not all sons hurry to become independent of own parents in the material plan. Such young people who realize all importance of ability most not at once to earn a living meet. Talk to the son, show the wisdom and push him to independence.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - newspapers with announcements of vacancies;
  • - handle or pencil;
  • - phone.


1. Help the son to be defined with professional sense. Let work will become for it in the way to prove, self-fulfill and develop own talents. If it is problematic to find a position strictly in the specialty, received by your son as a result of study in a special or highest institution, perhaps, there is some adjacent sphere in which it is waited by success.

2. Explain to the son that work is not only a way to earn money, but also an opportunity to prove to itself and surrounding the mind, ingenuity and enterprise. If your child realizes that work helps to develop, and inaction is a way to degradation of the personality, but will begin to look for vacancies.

3. Accustom the son that money is not something by itself understood. The earlier he learns the price to things, the more will realize work value. Let your guy will have an incentive: give it a couple of the seductive ideas where it will be able to spend the money earned with own work. Be guided by the interests of the son, remember about what purchases or travel he spoke.

4. Push the son to independence. If to your child it is already a lot of years, but he kept infantility and prefers to live at the expense of parents, perhaps, it is worth opening before it a door in adulthood. While he feels material support of mother and father, his way of life will not change. Perhaps, your son needs to begin to live separately. Then, naturally, he will be forced to provide himself and will go to work. Stop to give to the son money for pocket expenses, clothes and entertainments.

5. It is not necessary to sponsor the son too. Perhaps, you just spoiled him excessive attention and excess care. Try to be tougher with the overage child, become the unshakable parent who will not tolerate in the house of the adult, healthy dependent. Let your son realize all responsibility which he bears for the life and the acts or, on the contrary, inaction.

6. Help the son to find work. Perhaps, you have friends or acquaintances who have a vacancy suitable for him. Make together with the son of the summary, check announcements in newspapers or on the websites, select several vacancies and send the son to an interview.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team