How to force the wife to divorce

How to force the wife to divorce

As a rule, the aspiration to keep and maintain the family relations, but not intentionally to destroy them is peculiar to women. In turn, joint life is inclined to present not only pleasures, but also misunderstandings and the related problems. At the same time, if you more than once tried to use the efforts for creation of strong family, but are all the same convinced that your marriage was a mistake or you had another with which you really wish to be together, then an exit one - to leave.


1. Talk to the wife. Begin a conversation with the fact that you should discuss how to live further. Explain to the wife that were already tired of constant quarrels and it is necessary to stop communication for a while.

2. Live separately. Solve for yourself, actually whether you want to leave the wife. Perhaps a problem not in it, and in you. Answer yourself a question whether you love it. If you have no feelings to the wife any more, then directly tell her that you want to divorce.

3. Analyze that it is not pleasant to you in your partner that changed since then when you swore to her love. Remember what acts you made for it how many you efforts applied in order that this woman became your wife. If all this only strengthens your position - to divorce, then do not hide it.

4. File the application for a divorce. Of course, it will hardly be pleasant to your wife, but you already solved everything for both of you. Talk once again to her, tell that you filed for a divorce and nothing will stop you any more. Look at reaction of the wife, maybe, and she was already tired of joint life with you. In that case, she will not begin not suit a hysterics.

5. Do not console the wife and you do not say at all that everything will be good. It is not necessary to pronounce such words, you will only humiliate with them the wife. Now you should not care for this woman, she is not yours.

6. You can use also other methods, to tell nothing about the feelings, and to make so that your wife stopped loving you. For this purpose just do all that she does not love. Do not listen to her reproaches, scatter the things on the house... Only know that it is better to sit down after all and to talk quietly. Behave as prompts you heart - you will be able to lose the loved one, but to return here then - hardly...

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